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4-Wheel Alignment Can Make a Big Difference for Your Tires!

Wheel alignments are offered as services as a way to protect your investment. Imagine spending over $800 for brand new Goodyear tires, and after some months, you happen to notice something funny: your beautiful, EXPENSIVE tires are wearing on the inside! But how? There are many repair jobs that require you to align your vehicle after the work is done. This is because the angles of your tires change once old parts (mainly suspension) are replaced. To make proper adjustments for how your car makes contact on and with the road, make sure you don't pass up your wheel alignment service. Computerized electronically, here at Herbie's, we strive to perfect the alignment.

Need New Tires ?

Our top techs will let you know if anything is preventing a correct alignment, such as a bad lower control arm or strut. If you notice signs as your car is pulling to the sides or the tires are wearing unevenly, stop by to see if maybe wheel alignment is right for you.

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